Our story is about choices, routines, and successfully aging well.

In our experience, we find that most people who are timeless have made good choices.  They then achieve success in life by following routines and practicing to manifest those choices.

Welcome to Secret of Aging!

Secet of Aging Adult

Lisa founded Secret of Aging!

Middle-aged Man with No Deep Lines or Wrinkles

John is a Secret of Aging Contributor and Lisa’s brother.

Our Teenage Years

For us, the process of aging well started when we were teenagers.  We were both facing acne and oily skin, just like everybody else,

Middle-Aged Woman on Secret of Aging Skincare

Our mother decided that we would not use over-the-counter products that were popular at that time.  Instead, we would learn how to diminish acne and manage oily skin through a process of washing our face properly, moisturizing and preventing dead skin from clogging our pores.

Lisa as a Teenager

There is simple logic to approach skincare.  If one is washing their face and still getting acne, one is not washing the face with purpose.  Furthering this logic, acne is generally caused by a clogged pore.  What mostly causes clogged pores?  Answer: Dead Skin.  So, avoiding dead skin from blocking pores prevents acne from ever happening in the first place, which is the ultimate goal.

Secret of Aging Male Teenager

John as a Teenager

The right routine will tie all of this together so you wash the face to remove dead skin and excess oil, moisturize to exfoliate, protect the face from dead skin clogging a pore during your day, and exfoliate dead skin overnight to bring forth new skin while you sleep.  Give it a week, and spectacular results will ensue.  This is the power of routines.

Secret of Aging Acquired Skincare and Makeup Customer List;

Acquiring Skin Care and Makeup Distributorship

Shortly after I started my career, I was offered a distributorship with an existing customer base from a woman who was retiring.  This was a pivotal moment for me because I was suddenly encountering many older clients who had aged beautifully!  It did not take long to realize that these women knew what they were doing, and I sought to discover their techniques.

Secret of Aging Active 20's

Active 20’s

As I was learning how others had aged well, I was active with a full life!  I lifted weights, took long walks along Lake Michigan and went dancing with friends.  I also tried to drag John along with me, especially when lifting weights. 

Secret of Aging Exercise Activities

For John’s part, he was dealing with injuries incurred when he was in high school.  He went to a health food store to seek guidance and happened upon a body-builder who was speaking with the owner of the store.  They advised him to start taking L-Lysine, and suddenly he discovered one of the most powerful tools to look and feel younger.  This has become an integral part of both our routines.

Secret of Aging Types of Routines We Follow

Types of Routines We Follow

Over the years, we have individually followed routines to handle any number of issues.  As part of this effort, we have also shared our results.  So, a lot of what we do has been vetted between the two of us so that our individual routines turn out very well.

Secret of Aging Eat


We have always eaten voraciously for our ages.  Lisa has been on two diet plans in her life, and John has never been on a diet.  On top of that, he has generally run too thin.  You will see from how we write that we believe most people do not eat enough of what they need.

Secret of Aging No Soda

However, sometimes, one needs to give something up for well-being.  For example, one day John decided that the soda he was drinking did not add any value to his well-being.  So, he threw it away and has not touched soda for nearly 20 years.

John's Favorite Food Choices

Once he gave up soda, he was limited to the healthier choices of coffee, green tea, water, and hydrating fruits and vegetables.  If you asked him, this was the second most significant choice that he has made to positively impact his aging process. (Note: most significant was taking L-Lysine).

Lisa's Favorite Food Choices

For me, the struggle is to consume enough fiber every day, which is a super common problem in the American diet.  A healthy gut is one of the key efforts that impact health and well-being.  Fiber plays a big part in that.  By putting myself on a routine to get enough fiber, my body has changed for the better.

Secret of Aging Healthy Gut

Healthy Gut

As a subgrouping of diet, we advise people to always factor in a healthy gut.  A healthy gut has so much more to do with aging, mental health, emotion, etc. than what most people think.

Secret of Aging Prebiotics for Healthy Gut

An unhealthy gut can lead to mental and emotional issues that diminish well-being.  It has never been a big problem for John, but Lisa has had to consciously work at it. This has certainly given us a basis on how to handle a healthy gut and the benefits of doing so.

Secret of Aging General Activity


People who have aged well are active on a regular basis.  One does not necessarily have to go to the gym to get enough exercise.  What that means is that a walk, gardening, house cleaning, shopping, and any other physical activity, is good for aging better. 

If one does go to the gym, there are efficient, highly effective ways of getting huge benefits out of 30 minutes of effort. 

Secret of Aging Sleep


One thing John always tells people, loudly, is that he sleeps well, and he has a routine to make sure that he sleeps regularly, consistently and sufficiently.  People who sleep well have routines that ensure a good night’s sleep and John is happy to help you sort out what that should mean. Here’s Lisa’s nightly routine as an example.

Lisa’s Nightly Routine to Fall Asleep and Sleep Longer!

Secret of Aging Not Drinking Water 1 to 2 Hours Before Bed

I stop consuming liquids 1 to 2 hours before bed, so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night.

Secret of Aging Sleeping Temperatures of 62 to 64 Degrees

I can only fall asleep with a room temperature of 62 to 64 degrees or my body will not relax.

Secret of Aging Ceiling Fan in Sleep Routine

I also use a ceiling fan to keep me cool, but also for background noise and to circulate air.

Secret of Aging Sleep in Darkness

A dark room is critical for me to fall asleep and to stay asleep for hours. If I need to block out light, I use an eye mask.

Secret of Aging Reading a Book Before Bed

Unless I am completely exhausted, it helps me to read 1 to 2 chapters of a good book before bed.

Secret of Aging Face

Secret of Aging Skincare

The face says a lot about how well people care for themselves and is one of the most exposed parts of the body.  Go into the sun without sunblock, and the face will change color.  Stand in dry air, the face will turn chalky.  One should have a healthy face to foster overall good health.

Secret of Aging Defend Collagen and Elastin

Defend Collagen & Elastin

Older Adult Who Look Middle-Aged with Secret of Aging Skincare

Defend your Collagen and Elastin to prevent deep lines and wrinkles on your forehead. Notice, my mother did not develop deep lines on her forehead or around her eyes in the 30 years from the last picture.

Secret of Aging Night


Our bodies repair themselves while we sleep, and it is the perfect time to use skincare to improve your body’s effort to repair the face.  If one has acne, the acne diminishes or disappears.  If one is fostering new skin, it will show up brightly.  If one is dry, say around the eyes, dryness is alleviated. 

We have organized our Repair stage around acne, oily skin, normal to oily skin, adult skin before the youthful glow fades, etc.

Secret of Aging Wash Face

Wash Face

We wash our face to clean it properly for the condition we seek to repair. 

Secret of Aging Wash Face Cleanser

So, if one wishes to diminish acne, one would wash the face to remove dead skin and excess oil. 

Secret of Aging Wash Face Toner

The condition requires specific ingredients based on the repair effort and may change depending on that effort.  The process is the same.  Wash face for the condition you seek to repair.

Secret of Aging Natural Moisturizer


We all think we know how to moisturize.  However, a well-washed face is able to moisturize itself (Sebum) with a little help from the skincare. 


Moisture is about replenishing our body’s natural oil, while Hydrate is about replenishing water we lose through dehydration.

Secret of Aging Protect Collagen and Elastin with SPF


Protecting the skin takes many forms, and is one of the most transformational efforts if one has not done it before.

There is sufficient SPF that breaks down naturally to help you defend the body’s collagen/elastin production process.  If one does not want deep wrinkles, keep the body’s collagen/elastin production strong.  With the right routine, and our Day Protection products, those pesky deep lines will not show up for a long time, if ever.

Protection prevents acne and blemishes by keeping the dead skin out!  Of course, one has to wash off the majority of dead skin first, but protection will keep new dead skin from hitting the pores before you can wash it off again.  This is extremely important in the battle against acne!

Day Protection will help makeup go on more smoothly and look more radiant.  Makeup looks great when it goes on healthy, smooth skin!

Protection helps brighten skin, leaving a more youthful appearance.  One should be around John when he meets new people.  People tell him every day how healthy his skin looks, and he always uses the day protection.

Protections promote hydrated and moisturized skin, based on the serum used during the moisturizing process.

How the Secret of Aging Skincare Line Developed

As I approached middle-age, one day I was told that the product line I was using for our Early Years choices and routines was retiring. 

Sad by Secret of Aging

John, on the other hand, was all about having me create my own line of products to do an even better job of making routines work for all skin types.  Somehow, we agreed.  We would pick our own products, and create simple, efficient routines that deliver spectacular outcomes!

The first thing we settled on was high-quality ingredients that left a luxurious feeling.  The result is a product that always feels amazing to the touch, and feels even more amazing on the face!

Everything has to be fresh!  Enzymes have a short shelf life, and other products do not perform well when subject to long shelf lives or wide-ranging temperatures.  We bottle and deliver products as quickly as possible.

We then sought to do everything a person would need within the wash face, moisturize and protect/repair steps.  John always complained about how he would do his routine and then have to factor in a mask or a scrub to get through the week. 

I agreed with him and made sure that his demanding face would be happy with those 2 stages in 3 steps.  Of course, one may want or still need a mask or a scrub, but John does not.

How I Knew We Had the Right Products for Our Routines

Secret of Aging Middle-aged Man

What we experienced once we started our new routines with new products.

Very Efficient to Manage Skin Conditions

  • John No Longer Needs Scrubs, Masks or Advanced Creams
  • No Sauna

John’s Face Looks Better

  • His friends say it
  • People he meets say it

Face Feels Amazing to the Touch

  • No sticky feel
  • No shiny face
  • Soft and smooth skin

Face Feels Amazing On

  • Not Oily
  • Not Dry
  • Not Itchy

How Secret of Aging Makeup Line Developed

Secret of Aging Makeup

Our Makeup products are about giving you plenty of color and shade choices to compliment your skin tones and personal preferences. 

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