Thank you, Fran Kaply, Shaklee Distributor helping us Buy Shaklee Products!

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For those who are seeking to buy Shaklee products from a great Shaklee Distributor, we highly recommend Fran Kaply.  You may find her on her webpage at:

Fran Kaply’s Shaklee Products Page


For us, interacting with Fran is amazing because she is a wonderful human-being!  She has raised 2 beautiful, charming daughters, and lights up spectacularly when she conveys warm and positive things about her husband.  She shares her warmth with everybody!  When Fran talks to you, you know she is giving you all of her attention.

This warmth drives her to make her community better.  As part of improving her community, Fran mentors young mothers to better care for their children, and hosts those in need in her home.  This includes permitting a child to spend time in.  She is always contributing positive energy to the people she encounters.

Fran’s expertise in Shaklee products is extensive.  Long before she represented it, she was a user.  She is happy to look for the answer to your questions, and to provide you with a positive, satisfying experience.  Her site is

It is easy to see why one who seeks Shaklee products would want to work with Fran.  Her contributions to the well-being of her community and the people who populate it.  Reach out to her and experience the pleasure of kindness and professional expertise.


Buy Shaklee on Fran’s Skaklee Products Page

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