Papaya Enzyme Cleanser



This foam cleanser is ideal to wash skin’s surface to mitigate conditions, such as blind pimples; periodic acne; gray, chalky tones; and dehydrated skin.


Women and Men who want to properly wash face without following a skincare routine would find this cleanser effective.


People who already have a skincare routine, but still encounter surface skin conditions, switch out existing cleanser for the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser.


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Papaya Enzyme Cleanser by Secret of Aging at


Papaya Enzyme is excellent to exfoliate, hydrate, and repair skin. So, Papaya Enzyme Cleanser is the perfect product to wash the face for smooth skin. This cleanser exfoliates “dead skin”, acne and blemishes, while it hydrates and plumps the skin. It is also an effective anti-aging element because it brightens complexion, repairs damaged skin and encourages “new skin” growth. This cleanser is ideal to wash the skin’s surface, with the resulting “clean” feel being evident.



See Acne in the Mirror?

Acne Image by Secret of Aging at This wash face cleanser exfoliates “Dead Skin”. Almost all Acne is caused by “Dead Skin” blocking pores. Get rid of dead skin? Yes, without dead skin, the face cannot produce much acne.


Experience “Blind Pimples”?

Papaya Enzyme Cleanser removes Dead Skin by Secret of Aging at “Blind Pimples” are acne in which the pore has been filled with “Dead Skin” that covers up the core. However, one knows it is there! This cleanser will clean off the “Dead Skin” to permit the core to the surface. Then the cleanser will dissolve the core with regular use.


Encounter “Periodic Acne”?

Periodic Acne by Secret of Aging at “Periodic Acne” indicates that there is not enough exfoliating in one’s daily skincare routine. This cleanser gently, but effectively exfoliates the skin’s surface. Plus it hydrates and repairs damaged skin. So, one could avoid ever getting occasional acne by using this cleanser.


One’s Face Looks Dull?

Chalky Skin Image by Secret of Aging at There is a film of “Dead Skin” that leaves beautiful skin looking gray and chalky. Remove the film by exfoliating “Dead Skin” that causes a dull appearance. As a result of exfoliating, it also facilitates “New Skin” that is bright and healthy.


Skin Feels Dry?

Dry Skin Image by Secret of Aging at It is easy to feel one needs a new moisturizer because the face feels dry! “Dead Skin” often times masquerades as “Dry Skin”. By removing “Dead Skin”, “New Skin” is revealed for a healthy glow that is hydrated, firmer, tighter, and brighter.


Why Papaya Enzyme Cleanser by Secret of Aging Works


Papaya (Papain) Extract

Eliminate surface dead cells that make the skin appear dull, gray, and chalky.


Geranium and Cucumber Extracts

Stimulate tired skin while hydrating dry patches.


Complete List of Papaya Enzyme Cleanser Ingredients


Papaya Enzyme Cleanser by Secret of Aging at
Click For Complete List of Papaya Enzyme Cleanser Ingredients


How to Use



Secret of Aging 3 Pumps of Cleanser on Palm Spread Evenly

Apply Cleanser with 2 to 3 Pumps into Palm and massage evenly around face.


Secret of Aging Rinse OFF Face
Rinse OFF Cleanser


Rinse with warm water in the shower or sink then pat dry.


Secret of Aging Pat Face Dry with Paper Towel after Mid-Day Refresh
Pat Dry

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Papaya Enzyme Cleanser by Secret of Aging at
Papaya Enzyme Cleanser



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