Shaping Beautiful Brows in 2021

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Shaping beautiful brows is one of the easiest ways to enhance an overall look. It takes little effort to get the perfect shape. It is a matter of drawing an outline, filling-in bare spots, removing unwanted hairs, and selecting your perfect color shade.

For those of you who want to highlight and outline your brows. You would find Brow Highlighters on our page that give the brows a lifted look. We also offer Brow Ink to shape beautiful brows and maintain that shape all day.

Brow Makeup Shades

2021 Brow Makeup Shades by Secret of Aging

All of our current brow makeups come in multiple shades, so you can select your perfect shade. However, stay tune for new brow makeup with new shades coming by spring and summer of 2021!

At this time, we have a few brow pencils in-stock that will soon be added to the page. If you are interested in one of these pencils, please chat with us or send us a note. We could then share with you what we have and give you a good price. In addition, we will be adding new brow pencils by the end of spring, 2021.

In addition, for those of you who like kits, we have a few offerings coming. One will include Brow Brush, a Clear Gel with Mascara, and a Stencil. Another one will include multiple palettes with 3 colors for you to create the perfect look every day. Finally, the third will include a palette of 2 brow colors, brow wax and a highlighter.

Furthermore, there are those who may also like the long-lasting, easy to apply characteristics of a Brow Gel. So, we will be adding 3 of those shades by summer, 2021.

If you prefer brow powders, you may also like a wax to set that powder. This clear wax sets the brow shape to last for hours. In addition, it helps maintain that color beautifully.

Current Makeup for Shaping Beautiful Brows

New Beautiful Brow Makeup Coming Soon

In the Spring and Summer of 2021, we will be adding more brow makeup to include some of the following products.

2021 Products Coming Soon
  • Brow Pencils that will come in more color shades.
  • Brow Packages that include all of the brow products that you will need based on your personal preferences.
  • Palettes that include multiple shades.
  • Brow Gel that will be offered in three color shades.
  • Brow Wax that will set all brow powders to maintain the shape and color for the day.
  • And More

Stay Tune as we continue to update and expand our brow makeup offerings!

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