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2021 Lipstick Offerings by Secret of Aging
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We are beginning to rollout lipsticks and colors for 2021.

Due to the last year of shut-downs and closures with the spread of Covid-19, we can now offer several great lipsticks and colors. Whereas, new lipsticks will have to wait until later this Spring. 

The lipsticks we now have are perfect for those who like to take selfies as well as for those who work all day. In addition, these lipsticks give you that beautiful color without the light shining on your lips. Furthermore, the vast array of colors gives you the opportunity to find your favorite shade.

As we expand our lipstick line, we recognize that you may want to add some shimmer at night or a hint of gloss during the day. This will give you plenty of opportunity to make a statement or simply feel good about your look.

Lipsticks Colors

Lipstick Colors by Secret of Aging

Each of our lipsticks include similar colors that you see in these fireworks. They are then organized by undertones that may suit your skin tones or hair color better. Finally, each lipstick is grouped by neutral, pink, red/blue and plum undertones. This may help you quickly find your perfect shade.

Current Lipsticks

Our current line includes Matte and Cream lipsticks with all of their beautiful colors.

Lipsticks and Colors Coming in Spring 2021

2021 Products Coming Soon

We recognize that the sophisticated women needs more than just Cream or Matte lipsticks. Therefore, we will offer additional lipsticks by the end of Spring, which may include:

  • Shimmer Frost and Pearl have light reflecting particles that are most often worn in the evening. This makes it the most popular of all the lipsticks.
  • Whereas, Sheer is a hint of color that has buildable coverage. It is also more moisturizing.
  • Satin is a base that has more of a glossy finish than Matte, but is also lightweight.
  • A Gloss provides the lightest coverage with the most shine. But is best when combined with a lip liner that prevents it from seeping around the lips.
  • Lip Tint/Stain is a highly pigmented color that is both transparent and long-lasting.
  • Whereas, a Tinted Lip Balm brightens up natural lip color which is similar to Sheer but is more lightweight and stays on for hours.

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