Happy Birthday, Lisa!

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It is that time of year!  Lisa has a birthday!  It seems fitting to post a photo of a birthday past, as we prepare to soon head into a new year.  Happy Birthday, Lisa!


It is not every day that we celebrate your life.  Everybody at Secret of Aging wants to thank you for all you do for us.  You make our lives better!  As we may focus on what we love and do well, our efforts turn out well!


We hope that you are able to take more time off next year to live the joyous life you deserve.  Please push the computer back more often to take a walk or hike the beach.  Know that your wisdom inspires many people, and people you touch look and feel better!


By the way, now that your birthday has arrived, it is time to start testing our new skincare, makeup and cosmetic products.  We know how you like that, especially assigning specific products for each of us to evaluate.  The new product lines will be ready to go at the beginning of the New Year!


Also, we are busy organizing many great articles about lifestyle, health and well-being for you to edit.  Our visitors will learn all kinds of useful information to help them age better.  If you listen to us about taking more walks, getting away from the computer and living joyously, the editing should be a lot easier.  Maybe, you could even skip it.  🙂


We conclude this by again wishing you Happy Birthday, and saying thank you for all you do for us to live better and more joyously!


Secret of Aging Contributors!



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