Enhance Your Beautiful Eyes in 2021

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Enhance your beautiful eyes with Secret of Aging eye makeup. As we offer mascara and eyeliner right now, we plan to expand that offering by spring, 2021.

There are times women want long, thick, beautiful lashes. To create the effects of long beautiful lashes, one may need varying types and colors of eye makeup. For example, mascara is one of the first choices to enhance long lashes, and may be enough by itself. However, another choice may be to add artificial eyelashes. So, we will be adding these by summer.

Eye Makeup Shades

Current Eye Makeup Shades by Secret of Aging

Our existing eye makeup of mascara and 2 eyeliners come in three shades. Black is an overall color most of us wear, which also includes coal and onyx. Black/Brown is very close to black but translates to a slightly lighter shade. Whereas, Navy is quite popular with those who have blue eyes.

Furthermore, many women love the “smoky-eye” effect. This is created by blending eyeshadow and eyeliners for that beautiful effect. The hack is to soften eyeliner with a sponge. We currently have two eyeliners, and we look to add more eyeliners as well as eyeshadow by summer.

When applying eyeshadow, we often times want it to last all day. One of the best ways of doing this is by wearing an eye primer or shadow base. Hence, these will be added to our eye makeup line by summer 2021.

In addition, most women wear multiple eyeshadows. So to keep these eyeshadows together, we plan to add eye pallets for either 3, 4 or 5 color shades.

Current Makeup to Enhance Your Beautiful Eyes

New Eye Makeup Coming Soon

2021 Products Coming Soon
  • Variety of Eyeshadows in many colors and textures.
  • Eye Palettes to hold those new eyeshadows.
  • New Mascara for longer, thicker lashes.
  • Eye Lashes for that beautiful lash look.
  • New Eyeliners that will shape and highlight your eyes to make them pop.
  • Eye Primers that will prepare your eyelids to extend the life and beauty of your eyeshadow.

Stay Tune for upcoming eye products that will enhance the beauty of your eyes!

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