Complexion Correcting Makeups

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Complexion Correcting Makeups are ideal for those who wish to cover a blemish, even skin tones or improve their overall skin condition before applying foundation. Although makeup foundation does a great job of balancing your natural skin tones, you may find you want an extra layer of coverage in certain areas. This will all be based on the areas you feel need extra coverage and the shade that blends well with your skin.

Complexion Correcting Shades

Complexion Correcting Shades by Secret of Aging

No matter what color or condition your skin is in, our complexion correcting shades span from light, to medium, to dark. The color shade you select should best compliment your skin tone, while also matching the tone of your makeup foundation.

Current Complexion Correcting Makeups

As we look to expand our makeup line, we currently offer these two correcting makeups.

You may find you want a concealer to coverup minor blemishes that pop up on occasion. However, on the flip side, you may want a Brightening CC Cream that evens up your oily and acne prone skin. Either one or both of these makeups will improve your overall look. They will also be a nice addition to your makeup bag for those times you need a touch up.

New Makeup Coming Soon

As we look to expand our makeup line in the spring and summer, 2021, we hope to add the following makeups with all of their available shades:

2021 Products Coming Soon
  • Varying Concealers and Correctors based on formulas, textures and applicators! Each of these makeups come in multiple color shades!
  • Face Primers for various skin conditions, whether you have oily, dry or combination skin!
  • BB Cream comes in different shades for different skin tones!
  • Varying Palette options which consist of multiple color shades within the same container!
  • And More

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